Let me help you minimize your cost while getting the job done!

Perhaps you are a busy executive, entrepreneur, or department manager, and simply don’t have time to complete all of the minutiae required. 

Let me help you minimize your cost while getting the job done! Whether two hours or eighty, I can help you complete your project!

Basic Services | 25 Euros 30 Dollars per hour
Data Entry
Business Card Scanning
Mass Mailing stuffing, stamping and USPS logistics
Basic Email Marketing - customer provided content, copied and pasted into a template and schedule email blast.
Basic Research – Market, Target, Industry, Vertical
Sourcing and obtaining stock photos
Basic Social Networking – reposting, tagging, profiles, links, contact management.
Simple flyer or document templates (Word, etc.)
Basic Excel (assembly / analyze data) (no formulas, pivot tables or database integration)
YouTube Channel Management (no editing)
Light Event Planning – invitations, RSVP management
Marketing Collateral Logistics (ordering, distributing and receiving printing/marketing products and distribution)
Basic Public Relations including “People on the Move” announcements, “Business Briefs” and
Web site news releases (data entry only, no HTML)
Non-technical Search Engine Optimization – posting links and info into directories, updating
profiles on trade association’s websites

Advanced Services | 50 Euros $55 per hour
Basic Image Optimization – sizing, filters, cropping…
Intermediate Excel (assembly / analyze data, complicated formulas) (no pivot tables or database integration)
Advanced Email Marketing – Rework content from other sources and format email, manage copy process and collaborate with customer as to theme, focus and distribution.
Basic PowerPoint Creation
Basic Publisher Document Creation
Basic Blogging – custom content derived from existing documents such as white papers,
marketing collateral and case studies and client briefing.
Pay-Per-Click Management
Newsletter Creation (Non-custom, template layout/design & content creation).
Planning and Coordination (Meetings and basic strategy)
Amateur Photography

Premium Services | 75 Euros $80 per hour
PowerPoint Creation
Publisher Document Creation
Basic Video Editing
Creative Copy
Jr. Graphic Design – Basic Logo, custom graphics, business systems, no advanced page layout or web design
Custom blogging, advanced social media activities
Advanced Public Relations activities including press release creation, press release management, and press release publishing.

Additional Marketing Assistance | Standard Contract Rates | $150 per hour
Web Design
Marketing strategy with consultant
Marketing plan creation
Products and sales analysis.
Pay-Per-Click strategy
And more!

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